Edison + Belle

+Richie Leone | +Joseph Lewczak

Serious Child

Words and Music by Joseph Lewczak

1.     You shake you rattle and bang your drum

You fight your battle and then start to run 

Throw your tantrums and lay your blame

Your good intentions driving me insane

In just one moment you start to brood

When you find the world has stolen your truth 

Were you a . . . 


Serious child, whose mind had been loaded?

With figures and sums [LAST TIME: sugars and plums], and mind bending [LAST TIME: frivolous] games

Were you [SECOND TIME:  You were] [THIRD TIME:  Your just] a serious child, whose heart had been frozen? 

By so little love, and no one to blame

Serious, serious, serious child, ooh

Serious, serious

2.    You never smile, you have no fun

Aim for the sky when you shoot your gun

Cross your arms and hold your breath

Raise alarms its just too intense

You like to think you were framed by abuse

But all that does is hide the truth         

You were a . . .  



Serious, serious, serious child, ooh

Serious, serious, hey hey

Serious, serious, serious child ooh

Serious, serious, hey hey


I look at you but you just stare

You know that I’ll never really care

That you’re a  . . .