Edison + Belle

+Richie Leone | +Joseph Lewczak

Teach Me

Words and music by Richie Leone and Joseph Lewczak

1.    Seduce me, seclude me
From the good that lies within me
Freak me, reveal me
To the ghouls that live beneath me

My vines retreat there thorns for you
Illuminate, while you howl at the moon

2.    Won't fight, it's alright
Take my body tonight

Long hair I can't bare
The games you play are not fair

This track we are on goes round trip
Just go, don't skip, biting flesh of my lip
And baby I'm equipped


So Baby feel me
All alone on this bed
Why don't you teach me
All the things that you care to
If you reach me
I'll be your gift to every desire
Teach me
Teach me

3.     Blank page, Engage
No teasing in this new age
Done for, I  want more
Swing open my front door

I'm in this delusion
Break the screen to resolution
Leave no exclusion
Free the beast inside if you just...



Your thinkin I’m invulnerable, lying by your side

But my heart’s emotional, make sure you do this right