Edison + Belle

+Richie Leone | +Joseph Lewczak

With This Hair

Words and music by Richie Leone

1.     Sat me down, ripped apart
This love is nothing but art
Flipping this look into full throttle

Restart, put in park
I'm about to give you my heart
This piece is one that I must recycle

Oh hello can this be
This is the new me
On a sea of ecstasy  

With this Hair
I feel my body coming to life, coming to life
With this hair
They're swooning might as well get in line, won't-cha get in line
With this hair
I'm shaping up a new attitude, what-cha gonna do
With this hair
With this with this... Hair!

With this hair
With this hair

2.     I'm coming honey you'll see
Take a look at the new me
I'm quite alright baby, don't fight it

These curls are giving you life
Resuscitate or you might
Miss out on this delight

It's easy to see
Take a look at me
Satisfaction guaranteed

(I'm getting kinda naughty) 
Hair has got you feelin right
(You know I want to party)
With it I'll dance all night
(B-O-D-Y body!)
Hot shot, give me the light
(Take me I'll be your shawtyyyyy fo life)

With this...